cropped-logo01.pngAs a creative writer, I believe that a story, no matter how small or how long, how detailed or bland, should paint a picture of the scene of the setting, just a glimpse into the mind of the writer and the reader in how they think, in how creative they are as a writer and sub sequentially as a reader. Therefore, the following collection of stories will not have individual ‘featured images,’ rather a basic image titled story to show that they are not a simple blog post. They will be of varying lengths and topics. They may contain little to no background information as to what it’s about and I’m looking forward to questions that readers have. Because when a reader questions something, it means they are looking past a generic story line and making up their own ideas and being creative on their own. So in the words of my Grandma Banger, I hope you enjoy my stories

  • Morgan: Chapter One– This is the first chapter of my first novel. I may or may not upload more of this, but am just curious as to any responses I may receive from my readers about this piece. This is an original piece like my other ones, but it has a serious tone and I would not recommend individuals below freshmen in high school to read it due to mature themes and language. Please read and give feedback; I would love to hear any insight you might have.

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