This page is intended for the use of professionals to easily access my business portfolios, resume, business card and contact information. I will be continuously uploading documents to exemplify my different skills and abilities. If you have any questions regarding any specific materials such as news articles or press releases and would like to see examples that I have done, I would love to send them to you. To reach me, please feel free to email me at, and I will forward you any materials you may wish to see. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.


Business Card

Drake Adult Literacy Center Branding Guide I spent my summer preparing content and materials for the DALC and have prepared a small branding guide to keep appearances up across all added social media platforms.

Integer Portfolio I spent my weekend compiling this portfolio for a Career Night at Integer on October 25th and look forward to meeting young professionals like myself at this event.

Easter Seals Iowa Portfolio: After a semester-long partnership with Easter Seals Iowa, my partners, McKenna Nerone and Sydney Kava, and I prepared a portfolio with various tactics to promote the organization (Fall 2016). As part of my Public Relations Writing course, I gained hands-on writing and design experience that has been undoubtedly beneficial in preparing me for a place in the professional world.

Pinterest Portfolio: After a semester of building tactics for dream employers (Fall 2016), this is an individual portfolio containing five original tactics to help promote one of my dream employers. This portfolio was part of my Public Relations Writing class where I needed to create content for a personal dream employer. After openly sharing my fondness for Pinterest, it was an obvious organization to use for this fictional project.

DJ Rehab Logo: A logo I created to help in the beginning process of branding DJ Rehab at Iowa State University’s 88.5 KURE radio station.

Copywriting and Content Design Class Final Portfolio: I created this portfolio with a compilation of different assignments from the semester (Spring 2017). Inside this portfolio are assignments ranging from a “Shameless Self-Promotion,” created to act as a fill in for a resume, an ad for a simple paper clip with no specific brand in mind and finally a campaign of a Print Flyer, two website ads and a native content ad designed for Facebook. These documents were intended for the potential use of Drake University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.


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