What Color Means to Me

What Color Means to Me

I live in a house where color is not in short supply. My mom is an art teacher with a passion for rainbow color coordination, and my father is an English teacher with a love for flowers and plants that grow to massive proportions and colors. I live in a world where black and gray are used as the accent colors, and I love it. Color and bright light are part of who I am. It’s a way for me to express who I am, color allows me to show my mood and express my feelings. I’ve recently followed the typical college girl trend and began to start making cutesy little canvas crafts with my favorite book quotes or sayings and if there’s one thing that makes them different from anyone else’s is that they’re bright and colorful, something I guess I inherited from my mother.

My mom enjoys painting the quirky animals that make up our family and uses them as a story of who we are as people. It doesn’t bother me that not everyone likes my love of color, in fact, I kind of enjoy it. It shows me what people value and what they believe life is like. I tend to be a bright and happy person, and color expresses that for me, just like black and gray express feelings for other people. Emotion is what color means to me.Coverphoto

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