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The Truth About Growing Up

The Truth About Growing Up

Yesterday I just registered for my fourth semester of college at Drake University, I realized that out of the 6 semesters I’ll have at Drake, I’m finish my third. That places me halfway through college, HALFWAY until I start looking for my first real job, whether it be at an advertising agency like the ones I toured yesterday as part of the American Advertising Federation’s Des Moines student event, GRiT, at a marketing company, or at a Public relations firm. I have no idea where I’m going to end up, or where I even want to end up. As an obsessive planner, someone who knows what I’ll be doing class wise for the next three semesters, it absolutely terrifies me that I don’t know where I’ll be in just a year and a half. Will I be in Des Moines, signing an apartment lease, dating someone seriously? Will I even be writing this blog? I don’t know! And that terrifies me more than anything.

Nothing is set in stone, nothing is for certain, and nothing is guaranteed to go right. While I’m certain that no matter where I’ll land I’m going to make the best of the situation, look on the bright side of things, and work my hardest to be creative and thoughtful in all of my work, it’s still a scary thought that I have no clue where I’ll be.

Next year I intend to live in an apartment off campus, relatively close so I can still work on campus and so the commute will be short enough that I can walk if possible. Looking at costs, rules, regulations, and the expenses of furniture that I will soon be placed under, I really want to call my mom and ask if I can hide in my old room till this experience is over and done with. But then again, I think that the 450 mile commute will be a little much for my senior year, so I continue to do hours of research and of course, pin furniture and apartment ideas on Pinterest.

As each day passes, it doesn’t feel like days added to my age, it feels like weeks, even years, that are under my belt. I’m starting to plan out my summer, looking for internships, living situations, and the like, and I occasionally think that my “college years” are passing by with a wave and a smile. Of course I remember that it also seems like ages until I graduate so that fear leaves my body relatively smoothly.

The truth about growing up is, it’s different for everyone. Some people grow up in their mid-20s, some people, such as my uncle Matt, never grow up, at least not all the way, and that’s great too. But in the thick of things, growing up is difficult, priorities change, and I have to say that as much as I hate it sometimes,  maybe growing up isn’t that bad.


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