Life Advisors and Life Lessons

Life Advisors and Life Lessons

Earlier this semester I was asked to discover what kind of learner I am, it surprised me to be frank. The only other time I had heard of the “types of learners,” I was a freshman in high school, arguing with my father over who my English teacher would be. Finally, tired of dealing with a hormonal teenage girl with too much sass, he yelled, “I cannot be a teacher and not know what type of learner my own child is.” That managed to shut me up. (I’m sure by now you’ve assumed that he would end up being my freshman teacher.)

Today, after being thrown for a loop as to what type of learner I am, I did the only thing I could think of to answer the question: I asked Daddy. Not everyone is given the opportunity to have one of their life advisors as an actual teacher. That’s what I call my parents at least, life advisors: they have shaped my entire life since birth, from the day I was delivered and to the day I die, I will hear the words of two of my life advisors whispering in my ear, giving advice.

One other life advisor is not one to be there whispering advice in my ear, in fact, I don’t know her as well as I wish I did. My great grandmother, the matriarch of a family spanning four living generations, is a life advisor not in her words of wisdom given to me directly, but through the legacy she has provided. The stories my father and grandmother have told have provided the history of my family, all the while making life-lessons apparent in the misfortune of others, a sadistic form of life lesson, but effective nonetheless. She is 93 and has lived a life four times longer than myself and has learned more in a lifetime than I think I ever could, but then again, I’m betting my (hopeful) future great-grandchildren will say the same.

A life advisor does not need to be related. In high school I had an organization advisor who has provided helpful professional advice as well as an example of a personality and temperament that I look to strive for. I don’t think that I would be nearly as successful after graduation without her example being set for me. Her compassion, loyalty, commitment to her job, are all features that I look for in my own job and personality, and her example shows me who I want and wish to be.

Life advisors come in many forms: family, friends, mentors, advisors, every day people that change lives. My mother has made me love color, my father has made me love words, and my grandfather has made me love cars. Each person I come in contact with is also affected by my life advisors as they come to see their influence through me. My life advisors will make me a life advisor to someone, based on their influence on me. Kind of crazy to think about it. Listen to your life advisors and learn from the life lessons they teach you, they may just change the world.





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