Fatally Flawless

Fatally Flawless

I haven’t posted in a long while due to working at my summer waitressing gig and starting my first internship. I wish I could say that its been a breeze, that I’m bubbling with sunshine and roses, but let me tell you, my previous professors have not trained us to deal with technology failures, unfamiliar jargon, and the occasional panic attack of being a perfectionist and feeling out of control because you feel like you’re only 50% prepared. My father has always told me that I have my whole life to work, that I shouldn’t worry about having a job or an internship during the school year that will take my eyes off the prize of my studies, but I feel that by going to a school that heavily pressures students to rely on the hands on experience an internship allows, it would end up being my fatal flaw not to at least try to do the one thing I’m excellent at: Extreme Multitasking.

Now with my descent to Drake only a week and a half away, I feel more pressure to get my internship duties perfect and my waitressing duties, well they’re not my priority I guess you could say. I’ve started sectioning out my time for the school year, trying to factor in time to FaceTime with my best friend in Montana, and weekly Chinese night with my roommates, and of course, enough time to see my grandma, but it’s a difficult process. I have to admit, the pressure of going back to school, and worrying about my frantic schedule is the most exciting part of my summer, because it means that I’m not going to be bored, sitting around watching Netflix, or sleeping for twelve hours after getting off a ten hour shift, so maybe, just maybe, the extreme multitasking won’t be my fatal flaw, but fatally flawless.

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