Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

I have often been told that my snarky sense of humor truly comes out during the ultimate game of inappropriateness that is Cards Against Humanity. While I am not one to be easily offended, I had to ask myself if this game is offensive to other religions, races, and sexes. So I asked myself during a game of Cards Against Humanity at school, if an Asian female, Jewish male, Christian female, and black male are able to confidently play the game without really knowing one another beforehand, racist answers and questions included, without anyone getting butt-hurt or offended, why can’t we do that on a normal day to day basis? Everyday I read stories about Trump said this, police officers did that, and I live in the South were words such as “cracker,” and the “n-word” are used on a daily basis (Not by me, but by customers at my day job). If strangers playing a random game of Cards Against Humanity can get along and laugh at one another’s differences in their late teens, why can’t society accept that we’re all different and that we should look at each others’ differences as diverse qualities that make us the American Nation? So here’s my question, can you play Cards Against Humanity with a bunch of strangers and focus on why the game is fun and ignore our differences?

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