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Branding and Critiques

Branding and Critiques

It seems that my interest in design and culture extends past Christmas music and Audrey Hepburn. As part of my newfound appreciation of music that surpasses past pop, southern rock, and Broadway, I have taken an appreciation to 88.5 KURE, located in Ames, Iowa. While I remain partial to my Iowa Hawkeyes, I have to admit the Cyclones have a decent radio station going for them. The only reason I even started tuning in, I’ll admit, is because of a friend mentioning a radio show that he puts on. From here, I introduce a little-known radio station and DJ that has peaked my interest in the last few weeks. Each Thursday, DJ Rehab plays, “all the rock and alternative songs that you can get addicted to.” I’m not usually one to critique music, in fact, I don’t think I’ve given a written critique since high school when I was forced to in my Junior lit class, but no matter, here is what I think of the radio show, “Jams Anonymous.”

I’ll admit, the name of the show and the DJ is fairly clever, if not bordering on cheesy and punny, and due to his tagline, I naturally had to listen in to see if the jams were actually “addictive.” As far as live radio shows go, the content is mainly music, few advertisements mentioned, and a quick review of song titles and artists gives the radio station their FCC approval, make up the show. It makes me happy that it’s not 10 minutes of music and 50 of pure ads. The music has ranged tempo-wise from fast and upbeat (my favorite type of music), to slow and melodramatic vocals (definitely not my favorite). While I may not like all of the songs, (Sorry DJ Rehab), I have found appreciation in most of them and a few have been added to my favorite playlists on Spotify.

After talking with DJ Rehab a bit more, I have had the pleasure of helping create a logo to represent his brand. Most people know the importance of branding, and DJ Rehab is no exception. I found that this branding project was more difficult than usual. Not only am I always expanding my skills on various Adobe applications, but I found that not knowing much about how DJ Rehab wants to portray himself over the airwaves made the creation difficult beyond what words can express. Is he bright and bubbly, or is he smooth and rich? After consulting my thoughts on his tone in his show, I created the logo to match who I think he is as a radio personality: smooth, minimalistic, and yet, full of potential.

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