Age Jumping

Age Jumping

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!” -T. Swift

As school starts back in a week I feel that summer is coming to a long end and that it can’t start back quickly enough. I think that maybe it’s because I’ve been stuck in a small town with nothing to do, or maybe being back around my younger cousins who make me feel older and more mature, but at this junction it seems that I am not my mere 19, but instead ready to jump to 22. Have you ever noticed that some people are 19 for life, and others start off at 35 from birth? It seems that now I’ve jumped from 19 to 22, hopefully when I start back to school I’ll be able to retract back to 19 and enjoy and relax during my school year. So what is the secret to age jumping? Maybe it’s the fact that I always look ahead and am looking forward more to having my own kids than being one, or maybe it’s the fact that even at 19, I insist on watching all the Disney movies I can, but I think that the real secret to age jumping isn’t simply bound to the ideas we have as people, but also to the people and places that surround us. I get the feeling that my wonderful roommates this year will make me do a lot of age jumping and I look forward to the challenge of balancing responsibility with Disney movie marathons, a feat yet to have been conquered, but I look forward to the challenge.

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