New Room, New You

New Room, New You

College is wonderful, I love being on campus, exploring what events and opportunities are around campus, and now that I’m starting my second year of college, I have to say that I’ve learned a lot. Let me tell you, I’m a perfectionist, a color coordinator since birth, and I HATE empty walls unless they’re craftily and cutely coordinated. So I have a few pictures of my new room and new color scheme to give any readers some inspiration for dorm ideas, as well as some helpful hints on what not to do and what to definitely do.

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#1: Bring comfortable pillows and a bed set you can love and snuggle into, extra blankets are key for cold winters, and I absolutely love studying in my bed, so create your nest.

#2: Stay organized at the beginning of the year. By staying organized before classes start, when you get crazy busy you’ll at least know where to find things in a rush.

#3: Bring some momentos from home.That large cat print was made by my mother and given to me for Christmas last year, that plus the wishbone hanging on my dresser from my sister remind me to call home and check in and remind me of who I am as a person and how I was raised, and who I was raised to be.

#4: Keep everything of one type in one spot, similar to #2, this will help you stay organized.

I would give you a list of things that each college kid NEEDS to survive, but that seems pointless to me. Each and every college student is different and their needs and wants are all singular and unique, so you be you, and just, in the words of Mufasa, “Remember who YOU are.”

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