Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

I have been denied the ability to decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving instead of a traditional November 1st decorating day so I’m gonna rant about my Christmases growing up for some more content for my web page design class.

I have a passion for all things Christmas. It’s sick really how much I love Christmas and all things jolly, but it’s something that I grew up loving and appreciating more than anything. Maybe it was the fluffy white snow? The longed-for trips up to Iowa to visit my family, the nights spent up late with my sister waiting for the fat man in the red coat to come and bring us presents (or shall I say, the fat, balding man in the horrendous goat-textured sweater), or maybe it was the excitement of the season filling the air. Speaking of filling the air, maybe it was the smell of my mom making gingerbread ornaments, the sound of the tree going up with the annual snowman themed ornaments hitting the dark green tree, or the warmth of the house that hugged us as we entered from the bitter wind that comes with living in Missouri in the winter.

Growing up I remember a dark tree decorated with traditional ornaments. The tree would sit in either the kitchen nook or in the living room by the front windows depending on how my mother had organized the furniture recently. Smiling snowmen would decorate the house, handmade star decorations would hang from the heavily laden branches and all I can remember thinking from the holidays was, “I am the luckiest girl in the world.”

And I was.

Now as my mother falls into new ideas and traditions of Christmas a bright white tree with neon ornaments that practically walked out of a Dr. Seuss novel makes up my holidays. For at least the past five years, the white and bright tree was the sight to be seen in our old house and our new one. It is beautiful. Absolutely show-stoppingly gorgeous with perfectly wrapped presents below and perfectly placed ornaments littering the entire tree. It’s a sight to behold, and a tradition that I have fallen in love with.

Looking back on past traditions as I prepare for the upcoming holiday season, I realize a few things that I have failed to appreciate until I came to college and wasn’t able to help put the tree up.

#1) The traditions. While I my have failed to appreciate getting into the spirit of the holidays previously I am the first to start planning out the decorations. It’s not even Halloween and I’m planning out where to put the stockings!

#2) My family. God, if I could speed up time and have the husband and kids to spoil during the holidays, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. My parents always managed to make the holidays special no matter the circumstances, and I wouldn’t want to change that for the world and I can’t even begin to express how important it is to me to pass on that tradition.

#3) The music. If you take the time to read any of my other articles I show that I have a love for music and dancing my way around the kitchen. And holiday season is no different. As I make my favorite pie crust recipe (which I will introduce in a different post sometime) I love to listen to my holiday Christmas playlist as a way to spread holiday cheer. And of course, bright colored socks to dance around the kitchen with my microphone spoon are just another added addition to the holiday spirit.

So here’s to the memories, and hopefully the ones to come as we start the descent into the holiday spirit once again.

(I placed the playlist below for your listening pleasure, it’s a mixture of classical, pop, rock, and misc. Christmas music for all generations!)

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