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My name is Rebecca Banger and I’m a writer, creative, Harry Potter enthusiast, and an all-around colorful person. I am currently an Advertising and Public Relations double major at a small private school in Des Moines, IA: Drake University. I am currently a second-year Junior from a small town in SE Missouri, by the name of Farmington, home of the Farmington Knights and a lot of small town Black Knight Pride. I love for all things involved with Pinterest, food, and color, and am looking forward to starting a career in the Journalism and creative world.
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As a lover of stories and storytelling, I want to provide a way for all of my readers: friends, professionals and otherwise, to read an interesting and one-of-a-kind story: my own.  If you would like to hear about my clumsy incidents, historical mix-ups of facts, and stories of embarrassment of massive proportions then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve ever heard Steve Miller Band’s song, “The Joker” you know that “Maurice” is a lot of things, and I like to think that I am just as complex as he is. “I’m a writer, I’m a hugger, I’m a creator, And I’m a laugher, Playin’ my playlist in the sun. I’m a learner, I’m a designer, I’m a long night reader.” I’m a lot of things, and I plan on learning so much more and becoming so many other things, and I hope that by writing my stories and ideas on this website I can make connections to start doing and learning about other things.

Perhaps the most inspiring teacher of my entire life says quite often, “I hate being a student, it makes me hate what I’m doing, but I love being a learner,” perhaps I gained the mentality of my father, or perhaps the influence of my mother’s curiosity and creativity pushed me to that path, either way, I will be a life-long learner and I look forward to the challenges that that brings me.

I’m writing this blog as a way for future employers to see the quirky, fun, and creative side of me. I know that a resume, cover letter, and (hopefully) an interview can’t truly show an employer who I am as a person and worker, so I hope that in the posts, photos, portfolio advertisements and press releases that I intend to post on here will show viewers that I am a devoted and caring worker with the intent on making everything I do as best it can be. So tell your boss, your neighbor, the cat lady down the street about my website. I love to hear from viewers whether it be helpful advice, snarky comments, or reviews on my work and posts. Thank you all for taking the time to read this long, boring about column and I hope you enjoy my stories.



      Rebecca Banger

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