Classic Beauty

Classic Beauty These are my first really publish-worthy pieces that I created using Photoshop and Illustrator on my laptop. As a part of my attempt to challenge my Adobe skills, I like to look to Pinterest to find quick and easy tutorials that I can do on my own with some assistance and advice from my… Read More Classic Beauty



Ana “The Masked Phantom Strikes Again.” I read aloud. I hold the paper in front of me, my friends circled around me, drinking their tea, and listening intently. “The Masked Phantom has been reported as being seen by 13 eyewitnesses at The Boulevard, a swank hotel, stealing the crystal lights from the honeymoon ballroom. Authorities… Read More Ana



Doorway Two missing front teeth, pig tails, and a broad smile peer at Emma. With a sigh, she places the lonely photo back in its place. The box lid sits open, the photo taunting its owner as she sits back with a deep groan. Her bones creak, joints pop, and a breath, simple as it… Read More Doorway



Habit She sat on the park bench, an enigma to the people passing by, ignoring her plain brown hair, her thick brown loafers, her thick frames sitting on the tip of her nose as she buried her head deep into her book. The cover was worn, tired, and like her owner, seemed soft compared to… Read More Habit