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Branding and Critiques

Branding and Critiques It seems that my interest in design and culture extends past Christmas music and Audrey Hepburn. As part of my newfound appreciation of music that surpasses past pop, southern rock, and Broadway, I have taken an appreciation to 88.5 KURE, located in Ames, Iowa. While I remain partial to my Iowa Hawkeyes,… Read More Branding and Critiques


The American Culture

The Great American Culture Today was a sad day for me. As I sat in my marketing class, I was discussing the many amazing things that American culture has brought into the world, including some musicians that I believe every human being with any idea of what the American culture is, should know about. Of… Read More The American Culture


Classic Beauty

Classic Beauty These are my first really publish-worthy pieces that I created using Photoshop and Illustrator on my laptop. As a part of my attempt to challenge my Adobe skills, I like to look to Pinterest to find quick and easy tutorials that I can do on my own with some assistance and advice from my… Read More Classic Beauty



Ana “The Masked Phantom Strikes Again.” I read aloud. I hold the paper in front of me, my friends circled around me, drinking their tea, and listening intently. “The Masked Phantom has been reported as being seen by 13 eyewitnesses at The Boulevard, a swank hotel, stealing the crystal lights from the honeymoon ballroom. Authorities… Read More Ana